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Remodeling projects often focus on the big hitters, like kitchens and bathrooms, but all of the rooms in a home deserve attention since you live in them every day. Your experience in your home should be cohesive, which is a result of... I'll say it again... optimal space planning and material & color palettes. The homes below are great examples of bringing out their full potential through comprehensive design.

Willis B&A

This home had a very challenging floor plan for furniture placement, but it was optimized with right sized furniture and strategic placement. The color palette was also key to connect the spaces, but also make them feel distinct. It's a great space for entertaining. Click these links to see all of the other changes in this home.

Kitchen, Bathrooms, Addition (with Mudroom & Bedrooms) & Basement

North B&A

The first floor of this home was completely remodeled from the flooring to the walls and ceilings. The kitchen & basement projects can be viewed on those pages, but this gallery highlights the adjoining rooms and how they were transformed.

Lindbergh B&A

If you have trouble making sense of the connection between the before and after pictures in this massive renovation then you're not alone. This home had been condemned after years of being chopped up into tiny 'slum' housing apartments that were then taken over by squatters. The whole house was stripped to the studs and rebuilt / resurrected to pay homage to the beautiful area in which it's located. Check out the exterior transformation as well.  

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