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Much like kitchens, bathrooms should be highly functional spaces that you actually enjoy spending time in - because let's face it - we all do! Similar to kitchens, materials and color choices can go a long way in revamping the look and feel, but without the right layout it will still be a frustrating daily experience, so optimal space planning is essential to help you both prepare, and wind down from, your busy daily life.

Willis Hall B&A

Space planning wasn't required for this bathroom, but everything else was! Everything you see is new and the result speaks for itself. Yes - tub/shower combos CAN, and should be beautiful.

Willis Master B&A

This bathroom started off as a tiny, oddly shaped 'bedroom' that was a complete waste of precious space. Thankfully, it bordered a nice sized bedroom, so it was a great opportunity to create a master suite with a closet to boot!

Check out the interiors page for pictures of the master bedroom.

Crown Point

While this bathroom might be considered 'compact' to some, it doesn't feel that way when you're in it thanks to the high ceilings, abundant natural light and efficient layout. The design makes it feel much bigger than it is for sure!


The spacious layout in this bathroom didn't need to change, but all of the tile did. The shower was enlarged quite a bit both in size and feel with the new tile and glass surround, without having to change the footprint.  

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