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Curb appeal and outdoor living is what the exterior of your home should focus on, and that's just what the projects below highlight. 

Willis B&A

Every inch of this home was remodeled. The exterior focused on siding, color blocking and clean entrances with a huge back patio and a quaint front patio. Check out the addition, interior, kitchen, bathrooms, basement, garage attic, and mudroom on those pages to see the rest.

North B&A

New paint was an easy way to give this home a facelift for curb appeal. Out back the rotten deck was replaced with a stone patio and both the front and back porches' screens were replaced with windows, all of which added usable living space, thus 'enlarging' this home from the outside in.

Lindbergh B&A

If you haven't seen the massive transformation of the interior of this home definitely check that out, but these photos focus on the exterior. Everything was replaced - siding, windows, doors, the driveway... a huge tree that had damaged part of the foundation was removed and now there's a deck - AND solid foundation! 

Anderson B&A

Thankfully pictures say a thousand words, because that's what it would take to describe this renovation (that also included multiple additions). No expense was spared on this completely custom home. Snapshots of the wainscoting and trim can be found on that page as well. 

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