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Most homes have them, so when additional living space is needed, renovating a basement or attic is often a great alternative to an addition (or moving). They can be challenging projects, but even spaces with low ceilings can be optimized to make the most of your home's current footprint. 

North B&A

Just look at the before pictures to see the impact of this renovation! This was an unbelievable transformation from a wet, musty basement (the walls were sealed and insulated to make the space completely dry/safe) to this massive multi-use space that also conceals the newly added central a/c system the owners had installed.

Willis B&A

This space was untapped potential since it already had a walk-out and natural lighting (plus it's huge). While the ceilings were not quite 8', keeping them open and painting them made the space feel taller. The walls and floor were insulated and the exposed ducting actually helps keep the temperature comfortable all year long.


Basements are often finished to be kids' play spaces, and that was the priority with this project. The climbing wall was a fun addition to this open concept, that also includes a revamped laundry room.


Talk about mixed use! Adults AND kids can now live it up in this massive basement. A steel beam was required to open up this space, but it was worth it. Now there's a living room, bar, and 2 huge kids' play spaces to keep everyone entertained.

Norton Attic

A previously unfinished, but huge and open attic was decked out in this home. A few choice before pictures are sprinkled in to highlight the space planning, which includes a large open living area with a custom bar, a full bathroom and a bedroom. The bar and wainscoting are also featured in the built-in and finish carpentry pages.

Portico South

This huge basement already had natural light, so it was a perfect candidate for the contemporary overhaul the owners decided on. The pictures are a bit old/grainy, but it was still worth showcasing here since it's so pretty. 

Willis Garage Attic

An expansive gym / office combo was created in this previously dingy and musty garage attic. The plywood wall and ceiling panels make the space both warm and bright, which makes 'going to work' and exercising much more enjoyable AND private, since it's set apart from the rest of the home.

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