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Finish carpentry literally encompasses the finishing touches in a room that make it special. There are many stock profiles to choose from, but we can also custom make them for you. The sky really is the limit with wainscoting and trim, and we'll help you find the perfect style for your home.


There are multiple ways to pronounce wainscoting: 

weyn-skoh-ting, -skot-ing, -skuh-ting

and even more ways to design it. There's the traditional raised panel look to contemporary geometric designs, and everything in between. Creative use of wainscoting enhances the aesthetic of any room with dimension, shape and color.


Mantles... they go on fireplaces...

They can be big and ornate, simple and streamlined, rustic or refined... just like wainscoting you can get creative with mantle designs. Don't limit yourself to what you've seen before, talk to us and we'll help design one that's unique for you.

Trim & Doors

Think crown and base moulding, door and window trim. Just like wainscoting and mantles, you can have lots of different profiles to enhance the look of any room. It can be streamlined or ornate, stock or custom. Either way, the installation and paint work really matters in how the end product will look.

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